SOKENDAI Freshman Course


 The Freshman Course is an online course, specially designed for newly-enrolled students of SOKENDAI. This course has two objectives: (1) To acquire basic knowledge and skills required for all researchers; and, (2) To understand the SOKENDAI’s broad range of intellectual fields, and create a network beyond your research field. The course consists of three main sessions: “Exploring Diversity in Academia (EDA)," "Researchers and Society," and "Communicating Skills for Researchers."

フレッシュマンコース(FC)は、新入生を主な対象としたオンライン集中講義です。このコースでは、次の2つのことを主な目的とします。 第一に、研究者を目指すすべての人が身につけるべき技術・考えるべき問題を学ぶこと。第二に、総研大ならではの知的広がりに触れる中で、異なる分野の人とのつながりを築くこと。本コースは、「アカデミア探訪」、「研究者と社会」、「研究者のための“伝える”技術」の3つのセッションから構成されています。



Registration 登録

(E) English course
Tuesday, October 5th 〜 Friday, October 8th, 2021

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[1] Registration Guideline 受講案内

For more details such as class schedule and assignments, etc., please download the Registration Guideline.コースの詳細(時間割、事前課題等)については、受講案内をダウンロードしてご確認ください。

[2] Registration Form 登録フォーム (Due: Wednesday, September 22, 2021)


Both English (in October) and Japanese (in April) courses have the same content. They will be held online (via zoom) for four days, and the real-time participation is required to earn the credits.  Select either English or Japanese course according to your language preference, and register to the one course. The English course requires the English language ability to read, write, communicate, and actively participate in discussions. If you prefer to take the course in Japanese, please register in the 2022 First Semester Freshman Course, which is scheduled from Tuesday, April 5th to Friday April 8th, 2022.



Course Outline 概要


This course consists of three sessions: “Exploring Diversity in Academia (EDA)," "Researchers and Society," and "Communicating Skills for Researchers." The "EDA" will provide you with an opportunity to learn the diversity and commonality of research activities conducted at SOKENDAI and its affiliated Inter-University Research Institutes. You will be able to have the image of your new research life at SOKENDAI, while interacting with peer students and faculty members from different fields/departments. In "Researchers and Society," we will learn and discuss the responsibilities of researchers in society through workshops and lectures. In "Communicating Skills for Researchers," writing and presentation skills necessary for researchers will be introduced through lectures and exercises.


Exploring Diversity in Academia (EDA)


At SOKENDAI and the research institutes, research is conducted through a variety of methods, taking the advantage of the abundant research materials and facilities. Research methods and subjects do expand and deepen as research progresses, and that often promotes the interdisciplinary research and achievement. Your research may also develop into an unexpected collaborative research and open up a new field.



Researchers and Society


In today's society, researchers are required to have a high level of expertise and to be responsive to society. In particular, research misconduct has become a major social issue in recent years, and the need for researchers to be aware of appropriate ethical standards has increased. In this session, we will not only teach the ethical norms that researchers should follow, but also deepen the understanding of the relationship between research and society, which is the background of the ethical norms, and aim to cultivate the ability to understand the ethical norms necessary for researchers to play a desirable role in society and for the healthy functioning of the research community. To this end, we have developed the "Researcher and the Community of Researchers. For this purpose, workshops and lectures will be held based on representative topics related to "Researchers and Society."


Communication Skills for Researchers


One of the most important actions for researchers is to communicate their opinions to others in a clear and effective manner. This is one of the most important acts for researchers. There are two main ways of communicating opinions: writing and speaking (presentation). These are skills that can be greatly improved by learning them. In this course, students will first understand the structure of writing, and then learn the basics of "writing" through practical exercises to read and improve written materials objectively. In the following "presentation" class, students will learn how to communicate what they want to say to as large an audience as possible and how to get feedback easily.



A Message from the Director

   For those of you who are starting in October 2021 as well as those who already entered the university, I am certain that you are striving every day for your respective research, while fighting against such restrictions and anxieties caused by the COVID-19.


   The Freshman Course is a unique program at SOKENDAI that aims to provide students with the basic knowledge and literacy that they need to acquire as researchers. It is also an opportunity for the students to learn about the breadth of academia through interactions with peer students and researchers coming from different fields. In the past, the Freshman Course was held at our Hayama campus; however, amid COVID-19, in 2020 and 2021, we decided to have it online in consideration of the safety of our students who are working at campuses across Japan.


   The COVID-19 crisis can be an opportunity for us to rethink the way of life and the way of thinking that we used to take for granted. Becoming a powerful researcher in the post-corona era, you are expected not only to be a master of your specialized field, but also to have the skills to solve problems from a broader perspective. The new knowledge, different perspectives, and networks with colleagues all acquired in the Freshman Course are a solid asset for your future. While work on classes actively and seriously, do not forget to enjoy the course as well.


   I look forward to seeing you all online at the beginning of the course.

Takashi Nagata, Ph.D.

Director, The Center for Educational Development (CED)

Executive Vice President, SOKENDAI


2021年10月に新しく入学される皆さん, すでに総研大で研究活動をスタートされている皆さんは,コロナ禍による様々な制約や不安と闘いながら,それぞれの専門分野で日々研鑽を積まれていることと思います。




総合研究大学院大学 理事・副学長

永田 敬


On-line participation オンライン受講について

  • All the classes will be conducted via Zoom.

  • Active participation in all the sessions is required for credit.

  • Please sign in to Zoom with the email address you used when you registered for the Freshman Course.

  • Prepare and use a PC or other device with a high-speed Internet connection that has a webcam (including built-in devices), audio microphone (including built-in devices), speakers or earphones/headphones (including built-in devices). We recommend a PC, as there will be times when you need to write texts in classes.

  • Please find and participate in a quiet environment where you can speak during the calss discussions (regardless of whether you are in a laboratory or at home).

  • If access to the class is interrupted due to a technical problem with the student's internet connection, we may not be able to provide immediate assistance during the class. If your connection is frequently interrupted, it may be considered as you are not able to fully participate in the class activities, and thus, your grade may not be assessed.

  • For those students who do not have access to a network, or who have difficulty setting up their own network, the university will provide support in setting up the network environment necessary for online courses. For more information, please contact your department office.

  • 全授業、Zoom配信で行います。

  • 単位取得には、全セッションに積極的に参加することが必要です。

  • Zoomには、フレッシュマンコース受講申し込み時に使用したメールアドレスでサインインしてください。

  • Webカメラ(端末内蔵を含む)、音声マイク(端末内蔵を含む)、スピーカーもしくはイヤホン・ヘッドホン(端末内蔵を含む)が利用可能で、高速のインターネットに接続されたPC等を用意してください。テキスト入力をする場面もあるため、PCでの参加を推奨します。

  • 発言等ができる静穏な環境で参加してください(研究所、自宅などは問いません)。

  • 受講生側の接続の不具合が原因で、授業へのアクセスが途切れてしまった場合、授業中には支援することができません。接続が頻繁に切れてしまった場合には、授業のアクティビティに十分に参加できなったとみなされ成績が評価されないことがあります。

  • なお、ネットワークにアクセスする環境が整っていない、あるいは各自で整えることが難しい学生の方には、オンライン受講に必要なネットワーク環境の構築を大学として支援する取組を行っています。支援の詳細については、所属する専攻の担当事務に問い合わせてください。